Ovim Plus arrives – engine of work and play

When we introduced Ovim, we called it the magical device for work and play. Ovim Plus is something extraordinary.  Ovim tablet is a success. We thank our fans, customers, co-operatives, universities, etc who supported the Nigerian branded tablet.

Now, we are happy to introduce Ovim Plus the engine of work and play. The photo is shown above. This comes with Ovim MiE.

We successfully delivered on our promise of a low cost internet device for Nigeria, namely the Ovim tablet. Ovim has been a success in the market and we are virtually out of stock now. We thank all our customers who have patronized us. We thank them for all the feedback as well. We have taken all the feedback into consideration as we announce the next generation of Ovim tablets namely: Ovim Plus and Ovim MiE. Our focus going forward is to deliver on features, performance and reliability.

Feature: Ovim Plus will be a 10 inch tablet with Freescale’s Arm Cortex A8 CPU. The tablet comes with built-in 3G module as well as HDMI port. It will run Android 2.2 and can be upgraded to Android 2.3 later in the year. Android Market is supported for downloading apps. The CPU supports a lot of games including 3D games and also supports Adobe flash and can play High definition video at 1080p.

Release date: we are running the final tests in Nigeria now. This product will hit stores by May.

Ovim Plus  is a joint product of Fasmicro and Microscale Embedded.



Ovim – magical device for work and play

Ovim Plus – engine of work and play

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