Pass Launches – One Click Checkouts and Payments Now Possible in Nigeria

Pass Launches – One Click Checkouts and Payments Now Possible in Nigeria

Pass has launched. Pass is a one click checkout for e-commerce, social commerce and digital platforms in Africa. Users can Sign up with Pass, and pay in a single click across the web. Yes, once you have an account with Pass and the digital platform allows sign-up with Pass, you never need to enter your address, debit cards, etc, as Pass has used technology to eliminate the frictions. Trial data shows that with Pass, your revenue improves because abandoned checkouts drop. And for the users, they get to checkout fast and move on to other things.

Pass is looking for partners (ecommerce, social commerce, etc), and also investors. My small fund was the first external investor in the company. We invite you to the party. Connect with Pass CEO here.

Now, go here and sign-up –

From Pass launch communication..

We are giving away up to ?2,000 vouchers in the next 10 days to 200 users daily.

Users can use this voucher to shop from their favorite vendor. We urge all shoppers to sign up here and pass with us.

Below are our social media handles where users can find more information about us and our product:

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