Home Community Insights PEPE Down 30% and Dogecoin (DOGE) 25% Over Past 30 Days; Rollblock Price Has Continued To Surge From June into July

PEPE Down 30% and Dogecoin (DOGE) 25% Over Past 30 Days; Rollblock Price Has Continued To Surge From June into July

PEPE Down 30% and Dogecoin (DOGE) 25% Over Past 30 Days; Rollblock Price Has Continued To Surge From June into July

Over the past month major coins such as Dogecoin (DOGE) and Pepe (PEPE) have seen huge declines. Both meme coins are currently in the red, a trend followed by other meme coins, and there is no indication of recovery anytime soon. Unsurprisingly, market participants are pessimistic, not holding up much hope for a bullish trend.

However, Rollblock could be a stronger alternative. Rollblock (RBLK) is emerging as a trailblazing altcoin with a tempting sale price of $0.0154. The first casino-backed Play-to-Earn token has experienced a 54% increase in its initial price and experts believe it could see a 25x rally in upcoming weeks. 

PEPE’s Price Crashes In June

Pepe has been one of the market’s worst performing meme coins, with a price decline of 30% over the past month. The current trading price for a PEPE coin is  $0.000000934, which represents a 45% decline from its highest price in 2024 of $0.00000147. Most experts believe the coin will continue to trade at this bearish rate, which has caused Pepe to fall out the top 3 ranked meme coins. 

The bearish stance and rise of new coins, such as $PORK are undermining PEPE’s legitimacy. However, the entire meme coin market is in a slump and Pepe could see returns once the market starts to recover. 

DOGE Price Decline Signals No Short Recovery

Dogecoin experienced a 25% price decline in 2024. Attempts of a bounce back have been halted by bearish pressure, and a further decline might be on the horizon. July is shaping up to be even worse for Dogecoin, with its price going down over 5.13% in less than a week. Dogecoin is now trading at $0.1043. 

The turbulence experienced by Dogecoin is not surprising during a period of crypto market crash. This is exacerbated by Dogecoin’s lack of real-world utility, which has been a key criticism among holders. Nonetheless, Dogecoin enjoys huge support from celebrities and a massive community, giving it a solid network to stage an upset in the future.

Rollblock Outperforms Major Meme Coins 

Rollblock is emerging as a gem to investors seeking greater gains in a turbulent crypto market. The price of RBLK is rapidly increasing, indicating the growing confidence in this project. With a price surge of 54% in less than two months, it’s no surprise that some analysts think RBLK can be the top DeFi token of 2024.

Rollblock (RBLK) is gaining traction in the GambleFi market by offering a mix of decentralized and centralized gaming via a licensed online casino. It’s perceived as a disruptor in the online gambling industry, offering significant value to gamers, cryptocurrency enthusiasts, and investors. 

One of the reasons for the appeal among investors is the platform’s revenue share system, which distributes up to 30% of its online casino weekly profits to RBLK token holders. The full-fledged gaming hub offers over 150 casino games sourced from reputable software vendors, regularly adding new titles. These include classics like blackjack and slots, as well as new digital games. Sports betting will soon be added to the platform, which could further drive up Rollblock’s popularitY. 

Another star feature is Rollblock’s removal of KYC requirements. Players can register using their email or decentralized crypto wallet instead of needing to pass numerous checks. All bets on the platform are secured using blockchain technology. This makes changing bets impossible and offers full transparency as all bets are recorded on the blockchain. 

Rollblock has already sold over 110 million $RBLK tokens during its presale. With just 60% of its 1 billion token supply being sold during its presale, investors are running out of time to capitalize on one of the fastest growing altcoins in the market. According to experts, Rollblock’s returns could pass 800% by the end of 2024, outperforming major altcoins like Solana. 

Investors who get involved today will be able to benefit from numerous sign-up rewards, which will allow them to maximize their returns! Invest today and buy $RBLK for its lowest ever price. 


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