Today, I read an article on a site ‘Waypoint Games by Vice’. The story explained an accidental case of plagiarism in the gaming industry.

The drama involved two products –  Bleak Faith: Forsaken, and Eldens Ring.

Bleak Faith: Forsaken is the work of developers Miso Vukcevic and Mirko Stanic from Archangel Studios.

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During development, Archangel went to ‘Epic Marketplace’ to source some ‘development assets’. Archangel said, as a three-person studio, using Epic Marketplace gets the job done quicker, but only about 10% of the game was outsourced –  some animations ,VFX, and audio.

So then FromSoftware/Bandai Namco Entertainment see the release of Bleak Faith: Forsaken, and they immediately recognise content from their product Elders Ring.

Elders Ring comes from scripts from novelist George R R Martin, which some may be familiar with as the writer for the series ‘A Game of Thrones’.

Its clear that the vendor plagiarized content from Elders Ring.

While Archangel initially said they purchased them on Epic in good faith,  Epic  says it’s not in a position to verify copyrights on assets sold through its store, and makes no guarantees.

Archangel did a public statement, some redesign work, and exchanged the assets, but it lost them momentum on the product release.

Statement of Archangel Studios

This leads on to my own recent experiences of the plagiarism of my work.

This is a plagiarism of a recent Tekedia Institute work of mine, by the same title.

These kinds of rip-offs started happening about two years ago initially, but they are now getting to be far more frequent.

The effort to try to differentiate it from my unaltered work is bizarrely beyond ridiculous. They seem to think changing a few words here and there with synonyms creates a complete disguise, but they are fooling nobody.

Moreover, they don’t even seem to have a proper grasp of the English language, as their choices of synonyms don’t work in the context…

Example: –  my sentence  ‘Majority Stakeholders are now known and an open record, so regulatory authorities can directly target them and hold them accountable for whatever crazy new requirement they dream up.’


‘Majority Stakeholders are actually recognized and an open file, so regulatory authorities can straight goal them and maintain them accountable for no matter loopy new requirement they dream up’

and am like… huh??

I’ve noticed they kept all the scripting too, because the page is ‘calling up’ the same advertising resources from Tekedia that are on the original article.

All material I release on Tekedia Institute is open source. It’s purpose is to help build the content library to support learners of the Institute, however, anyone is free to use it.

I get a lot of requests for mentoring, and an enormous amount of Direct Messaging traffic on LinkedIn.. There just isn’t enough time within my priorities, to support people one on one, so making this material available is my way of helping.

I don’t seek any kind of payment for it, all I expect is that if anyone uses the content (in whole or in part) , they acknowledge me as the original author. This should not be expecting too much.

Let’s try to keep content creation ‘clean’.

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All reference sites accessed  16/03/2023

feature image displays one of the disputed contents between Bleak Faith: Forsaken, and Eldens Ring.

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