PROLOGUE: The Agbowo Evening Economy

PROLOGUE: The Agbowo Evening Economy

What is expected of a typical market in a particular environment defines the status of that market most times. Each market has its peculiarities and these are the things that make some markets to be known for them. In the case of Agbowo market, the rambunctiousness of the market while the sun is setting is enough to define it distinctive among other markets in the Samonda-UI-Ojoo axis.

Every pedestrian unused to the rowdiness of the market at this period may find it difficult to understand the status of this market axis especially when drivers of different vehicles hoot and honk their vehicles’ horn horrifically and angrily as some of the drivers can be pissed off either by the pedestrian making a cross or are waited by the traffic warden dexterously controlling the traffic frenetically. At this period of the night, careless onlookers are prone to colliding with pedestrians on the road. The clumsiness of those making ways on the cross from the UI is another peculiar thing that this area is known for.

The cyclists in their preposterous and comical Ibadan accent also make derogatory words against passersby or cab drivers who refused to allow them to pass through unruly in their usual overtakes. This is also absurd to one who is alien in this boisterous market arena. A cyclist making efforts to rush home after cycling between the dawn and sunset hours in this route is likely to make a jam with a driver of an auto rickshaw resting in his vehicle while gulping a bottle of soda drink. Agbowo market at this time is always at rush.

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Prospective commuters of cab wait endlessly for cabs to board them in this route. The old and the young, the agile and the fragile, the men and the women drag one another while scrambling for the vehicles to commute them. At this point, the young is not a respecter of the old, all are equal in the agitation for seats in vehicles. Some are even at the helpless state of begging drivers who do not want to go their routes. During this time, the fares charged by the cyclists claim the helplessness of the passengers going to far places especially the stranger who does not seem to be wary of his or her destination.

More so, the hawkers in different advertising tones come on the street in their multitude to sell their commodities. While some shop owners close for the day, some others are just opening. One can even conclude that it is another batch of sellers coming to the market for sales of goods and commodities. The ones, who cannot afford owing a shop to oneself, set up a kiosk or bring himself under an umbrella to display all that he sells. At this point, the market status is the beginning of the day for some people. The fruit vendor stylishly organizes his fruits in quarters to catch the glimpse of every passerby.

The same way vendors selling bread and ‘akara’ call for people to patronize them while they dexterously fry the ‘akara’ is evident enough to arrest anyone passing to request for some. At this period of the night, any careless onlooker is likely to walk into another person as the case of a stranger may be. The vendors selling clothing materials beckon at everyone passing by to have a look into their shops for clothes of different types. The young boys and girls who had just returned from school pick up basins, arranged in them chilled soda drinks of different varieties and roll into the market to make sales. The road side food vendors otherwise called ‘mama put’ also entice the prospective customers with the aroma of their stew or ‘jollof rice’.

The queue of customers causes commotion on the road with others passing by the vendor’s stand. The roasted plantain sellers also attract passersby with the aroma of what they sell. It is a peculiar feature for every market to be faced with noises from different angles. The deliberate hooting of car horns by the drivers and the cyclists, the call for prayer from different mosques in this area, the barbing salons playing different sorts of songs; blues, R&Bs, Apala, Reggae, rap, faith-based songs, Fuji among others remain some of the features that add to the sassiness of this market at sunset.


Additional Reports by Abdulqudus Oyeniyi

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2 thoughts on “PROLOGUE: The Agbowo Evening Economy

  1. As usual, this is another story told in a way that is not only educating but also entertaining. It paints a vivid picture of the activities and happenings that are typical of commercial places such as this ‘Agbowo market’. It is such a scenic center with numerous lovely and otherwise characters in their idiosyncrasies. More powers to your elbow.

  2. Wallohi this is the real definition of Agbowo market
    Gone are the days when I’m seeking for admission going to UI often and often.
    That Agbowo stress self is a fair on its own.
    You didn’t add the Agbowo boys, those that steals what is yours and even what is not yours.
    That sharp shooter guys, Very smart indeed.
    I cannot forget those that stole my newly bought Hot 8 then.
    Not up to two months,and these Agbowo boys stole from me in the time time that it’s very useful to me
    But Alhamdulillah ???
    I love this write up???

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