Quantify, Measure and Get Excited About Your VISION

Quantify, Measure and Get Excited About Your VISION

In 2021, I challenge you to live your life. We are all different and unique. Be inspired and be challenged by others, but do not fit their lives into yours. Until you take charge of yourself, life would be a rolling rock. He is now a CEO, a bank manager, a professor, a sports legend, etc; but here I am.!

Those should inspire, but yet, should not matter. What should matter is your VISION for yourself. Create one . Quantify it. Measure It. Get Excited about it – and bring it to pass. 

To create that Vision, we have introduced a new course – Human Productivity Innovation – in Tekedia Mini-MBA. Dotun Moses Jegede, PhD, FIODN, RODP , a Senior Partner of Dee Bee Consulting and a pastor in Deeper Life will teach the course. His course provides a framework to help members innovate on their careers, and thrive.

I invite you to register today.


Click to register for Tekedia Mini-MBA (June 7 – Sept 1, 2021): online, self-paced, $140 (or N50,000 naira). Full curriculum here.

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