Home Tech Research And Training On FPGA, Embedded Systems, VLSI, PCB, And More

Research And Training On FPGA, Embedded Systems, VLSI, PCB, And More

Research And Training On FPGA, Embedded Systems, VLSI, PCB, And More

Education is constantly evolving as a result of emerging technologies which are shaping global commerce and industry. Fasmicro understands this change and the enormous challenges faced by businesses and school administrators to not only meet the needs, but to exceed the expectations of customers, students and parents (and indeed society). In this era with constant technological disruptions, meeting the needs and expectations are not just enough, understanding the perceptions of customers and students, is very vital.

This is a new century and new technologies will constantly evolve new industries, markets and economies. Innovation matters and training must be central to any strategy. Fasmicro assists schools, companies and institutions to develop a holistic technical training model. We understand that innovative technological applications, new policies, optimized processes are catalysts that enable educators to improve technical educational achievement.

Besides training and education, Fasmicro is positioned in all major areas of microelectronics and semiconductor research. We help clients look at data as well as develop strategies in technical research. In our networks are PhD graduates from top engineering schools and will help you stay ahead of competition by helping to shape your next generation products.

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We provide custom training on all areas of VLSI in both analog and digital systems. We have licensed CAD tools for VLSI designs and printed circuit board (PCB) education. We sell and support all major brands of FPGA boards such as Xilinx, Altera, etc. Our unique service provides free two-day offsite training if a client buys CAD, FPGA/VHDL, Demo boards and labware from us. We also train on embedded systems and microprocessor programming and extend that knowledge to robotics. We are master coders on Microchip and Parallax microprocessor families. We cover from design physics to testing.

These are some of the areas we train/educate clients:

  • VLSI (analog and digital)
  • VHDL and FPGA
  • Printed Circuit Board (PCB)
  • Embedded systems and microprocessor programming
  • Robotics
  • CAD Training for schematics, layout, etc


For more on Fasmicro Training and Research, visit here.


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