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A Rise Of The Phones – The HTC Desire HD And Z. The Most Successful Handsets From HTC In 2010.

The HTC Desire is arguably one of the most successful handsets from the Taiwan-based manufacturer to date. It has received critical acclaim from both users and critics alike and perhaps none more prestigious than the title of being 2010’s best Smartphone.


HTC has recognized their success and are definitely hoping to capitalize on it. They have recently announced their intention to release the much awaited follow up to their 2010 hit and the good news is that there’s not just one, but two handsets to look forward to. It’s time that we meet the HTC Desire HD & Z.


Desire in Hi Def

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First on the list is the HD which, by its name, focuses on delivering the most crystal clear imaging to its users. Tasked to arrive at this end is the HD’s whopper of a screen which measures an astounding 4.3 inches. At 480 x 800 pixels in resolution and with AMOLED technology on board, it is easily one of the most vivid displays in the market. Not only that, but the HD also boasts of an amazing 8-Megapixel camera which can snap photos of up to 3264 x 2448 pixels.


Both the HTC Desire HD & Desire Z are equipped with the Google Android OS, but the former will have the more recent version which is Froyo or version 2.2. When it comes to data connectivity, you can count on the comprehensiveness of this Smartphone as it supports 3G HSDPA, GPRS, EDGE, and Wi-Fi.


It being a multimedia-centric device, you can definitely expect a very user friendly music and video player that comes with a highly appealing interface. The internal memory is already sizable at 4GB, but you can still upgrade it to 32GB via the microSD slot.


DeZire This

The HTC Desire Z may not be as flashy as the HD, but it still is able to pack in a couple of surprises here and there. The most remarkable of its features is undoubtedly the full QWERTY keyboard on the device which slides out from the side of the device.


In fact, our sources tell us that the Z in the handset’s name stands for ZXCVBNM which happens to be the last line of letters in any standard keyboard. The manufacturer has teamed up the QWERTY keyboard (or should we say the ZXCVBNM keyboard?) with a 3.7″ touch screen display.


Both handsets share the same processor which comes in the form of the Qualcomm Snapdragon 1GHz processor. This still remains to be the most powerful CPU in the industry and based on its track record, it should be more than capable of handling all the processing needs of both new handsets.


A Matter of Market


We currently have no confirmed information regarding the market price of these new HTC handsets, but based on their specs, it looks as though the latter will come with a relatively lower price tag than the former. Both will still be high end Smartphones and will cost a considerable amount of money, but it is apparent that the Z will be the more affordable one among the two.


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