Scheduling Tekedia Growth Hour for Your Firm

Scheduling Tekedia Growth Hour for Your Firm

My team sent this to our Tekedia Mini-MBA corporate members who sent many staff; please if for any reason they missed your firm, email them immediately.

Tekedia Institute is scheduling our growth hour where we have conversations with some corporate members in our community. This meeting is essentially to discuss at more specific levels the mechanics of business systems as they relate with business innovation and growth. We do batch this throughout the program and we have opened a link for your batch.

Go to this link and select a time slot for your company – one slot only as we will meet all the members at once (ask Admin). 

Once you do that, on the day and time, each member should visit this Zoom link  (If you have other alternatives like Microsoft Teams, please send and we will use it).

Please note that besides your members currently attending Tekedia Mini-MBA, you are free to bring other members of the company to this meeting. 

Our Lead Faculty, Prof Ndubuisi Ekekwe, personally coordinates this. His vision is that through these specific conversations, we can point out areas of growth and opportunities in the business, using some frameworks discussed in our school.


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