Home Community Insights Senator Stella Oduah Lambasts Ebelechukwu Obiano For Gross Misconduct At Gov. Soludo’s Inauguration Ceremony

Senator Stella Oduah Lambasts Ebelechukwu Obiano For Gross Misconduct At Gov. Soludo’s Inauguration Ceremony

Senator Stella Oduah Lambasts Ebelechukwu Obiano For Gross Misconduct At Gov. Soludo’s Inauguration Ceremony

There was a drama that ensued at Governor Soludo’s Inaugural ceremony which happened to be the highlight of the day and has been on the lips of many. In a video that circulated the Internet, Ex. Governor Willie Obiano’s wife, Ebelechukwu Obiano was seen walking towards Bianca Ojukwu who was seated at the occasion. She got to where she was seated, and according to witnesses around, they disclosed that the ex-governor’s wife was heard hurling derogatory words at Bianca, after which they got into a heated argument.

According to information gathered, it was disclosed that Bianca was said to have warned Ebelechukwu Obiano to move away from her presence, but she refused. This got the Ex-beauty furious, and in a bid to defend herself, she landed a slap on the face of the Ex Governors’ wife. This action attracted the attention of many who went to separate both parties to prevent the issue from further escalating into something else.

After they were separated, as if that was not enough, Willie Obiano’s wife walked past Bianca only for her to utter a derogatory word, calling the former beauty queen an “ashawo” which means a sex worker. This shameful display by the Ex Governors wife got a lot of people angry who condemned her for acting classes despite her status and for throwing caution to the wind on a very special remarkable occasion.

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Disgusted by her action, Senator representing Anambra North District, Stella Oduah did not fail to lambast the ex-governor’s wife for such shameful misconduct.

In her words, “My attention has been drawn to the shameful conduct of the wife of the ex-governor and former first lady of Anambra State, Mrs . Ebelechukwu Obiano, who threw decorum away and attacked Her Excellency, Ambassador Bianca Ojukwu at today’s inauguration ceremony and I hereby condemn in very strong terms, this unwarranted attack against the wife of an illustrious son and our very our own Ikemba.

I wish to add that the activity exhibited by the former first lady was indecorous and unbecoming of a woman who had acted as a mother of the state and even desirous of serving in other capacities.

More condemnable is even the gutter and vulgar language used by  Mrs . Obiano to describe her fellow woman, who is even a widow. I have always held the view that it is only weak minds that label hardworking women like Bianca with nasty names such as “ashawo” and it is more unfortunate when a woman, especially one that has been around the corridors of power, is the one hurling such baseless and regretful invectives against a fellow woman.

What the world witnessed today at the swearing-ceremony is utterly disgraceful, unfortunate, crude, and should never be emulated by the millions of our young girls and women who often look up to public figures concerning how they conduct themselves.

Only a few days ago, an innocent woman was publicly paraded naked in the same community our former first lady hails from and one would have thought that rather than showcase this brute nature of fighting and engaging in public fisticuffs with her guest, she should have exerted same energy and fighting spirit in ensuring that Justice is done for that widow.

It saddens me a great deal to see the wife of an illustrious Anambra son, the pride of Ndigbo and an achiever that was once an ambassador of the Federal Republic, being attacked unprovoked and I join all right-thinking persons in praying that we never record this type of travesty again in our history as a state”

In my opinion, the ex-governors’ wife displayed a very crass attitude. She had no regard for the occasion, knowing full well that the ceremony was a remarkable one being viewed by many within and outside the country. This is a lady who once held a very reputable position in the state whom many ladies looked up to as a mother and a role model. What message is she passing across by calling her fellow woman an “ashawo”? It’s totally disgusting and uncalled for.

I won’t condemn the action of Bianca who, according to her, slapped the woman in self-defense, because attacking someone unprovoked can push them to do the unthinkable. It is often said that “for every action, there is a reaction”.  It’s high time past and present office holders act right in the society because they occupy a very vital position that can influence the public, especially the young ones.

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