Social Distancing – The Reality and Era after Covid 19

Social Distancing – The Reality and Era after Covid 19

While nobody seems to like the ordeal of social distancing, the introverts may be a better advantage of scaling this period, with smiles on their faces because the larger the space, the bolder the smile and the increased sense of control.

Coronavirus has caused more damage than anybody could imagine, and the effect has reached almost every nook and cranny of the world.  Sparing no man the space to enjoy the once abundant freedom hence the quote by Chidiebere Moses Ogbodo, “FREEDOM IS PRICELESS”.

Well, let’s look into social distancing from a different perspective and which is: The robotics and the workforce. Social Distancing has been a part of some societies such as in the major cities of India, and some Muslim nations, where everybody is expected to mind their business, else stand the chance to be accused of intruding another person’s space, especially that of the ladies.

Now, it is no longer a thing for a particular society, but it will be practiced in almost all the nations of the world, as the new norm. Also In the workplace, schools, religious places, and even in the homes, but the major concern includes the possibility of it tampering with the workforce, workplace and work culture and more;

For instance:

  • Robots in the workplaces, replacing human

It will not be a surprising thing, to see that the idea of robots serving in the restaurants, loading and unloading in the warehouses, delivering packages from food and grocery stores, etc becoming the new norm. This will cause a huge breakdown in the number of jobs hence increasing the unemployment rate to a near uncontrollable rate. The solution may be yet unknown at the moment, because the industry will be left with a few creatives to thrive on. So, men need to think ahead while there is still time.

  • Threat to the Healthcare Industry

While we appreciate our healthcare professionals for standing tall during this period, it will be a good thing to consider the threat to freedom of existence this social distancing dilemma will cause.

Isaac Thani shared on Tekedia, “Within the next ten years, a country will make the implantation of biochips (microchips inside humans) on citizens mandatory to help during pandemic and security paralyses. The GPS-embedded biochip will collect blood samples, analyse them in-vivo, and send results to a central server. On the server, the government will know where people with, say, a coronavirus, are located, and will pick them up for further assistance. Most privacy-related activism will fade and health surveillance will scale globally”.

The question is, who doesn’t like his freedom, who wants to be monitored like robots and more questions to be answered. With this in mind, the future may be uninteresting and daring or I should say threatening!

Freedom is really priceless. Now you will agree with me.

  • Globalization is doomed

Freedom of association is at risk. Nations may from henceforth prefer to live within closed walls. Trump may not be totally wrong when he proposed and nearly finished building the American Wall. If a country is scared of importing viruses into her country, then who is talking about globalization. Who will be talking about one world, one people! divided we fall, and united we stand. There is also the possibility of increased racial misunderstandings, born of social distancing. Well I believe with hope we can still win this war.

  • Boost in Fintech, Cash Frowns

Bitcoin may not be a bad idea at all. Cashless transactions propelled by the Fintech professionals may not be a bad idea. We see the rate at which cash transactions are almost dying out, because nobody knows from whose pocket and what health condition is with the  previous host of the dollar note. As much as it affects the banks and ATM operators/banks, it is also a good advantage to the other party, the Fintech

The adage said: The soup that is poison to one man, is a sweet medicine to another. Let’s welcome the new era. We have been surviving and thriving with changes, which is constant, so we will definitely outlive this new era. The innovative, and dynamic minds will smile more this time.

  • The Wailing Fate of Transportation Industry

The person who used the Uber ride before you may be Covid 19 positive, so what is the best way to avoid getting infected; maybe by boycotting traveling by both public transport and even the semi-private providers such as Uber and Ola etc, and fighting hard to buy yourself a private ride.

The transportation industry is really weeping at the moment, and we pray the pandemic goes out of air inadvertently, in its entirety..

  • Economy Cracks in the West and Mends in the East

In every war, there are a few sets of people who benefit more than they lose; record is breaking with the recent income by china in the supplies of healthcare resources across nations, while their GDP is reported to be nearing half of the Americans.

What is cracking in the west may be seen mending in the east. Economy will not die, but it will be shaken, and that should be considered an opportunity to gain new grounds to germinate better seeds of amazing growth. – Chidiebere Moses Ogbodo

The Future after Covid 19

The world should be expecting high growth in industries such as E-learning, Tele-Health, E-commerce, Remote Offices/Freelancing/Work from Home, but a bigger challenge goes to the entertainment industry, that mainly depend on the crowd gatherings, clubs, beach times, birthday parties and more!!. Something needs to be done and soon enough!

The world will heal, and Social Distancing should not be allowed to be the new norm. We need each other more, and close enough with warm hugs and kisses than ordinary high fives.

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