Social Media Strategic Commenting Can Help Your Job Search

Social Media Strategic Commenting Can Help Your Job Search

Have you really been worried about when exactly you will get a job. Probably your bank account is now on red and parents or friends are also on the search with you as you try different methods, call up different companies, mail them as well and all sorts. Here’s another key strategy that has worked for me countless times and this time around got me two gig offers few days ago.

The power of strategic commenting!

Now, I know it might sound strange to you or might be the first time you’re hearing about it but trust me, we all do it at one point in time or the other and like I said earlier I have used it for different reasons and now I can add that getting a gig job is part of the equation.

Strategic commenting is simply the act of commenting on someone else’s post, wall, to gain attention for whatever mission you want to accomplish it. To give a lay man example, you belong to a group on a social media account you have a lady you happen to be interested in, a discussion is going on, then you begin to make reasonable comments, you go to your jotterpad to first construct the sentence, edit it to be error free before you post your comment so that such a lady will imagine or wonder how intelligent you are.

It also happens when you get to a gathering and you want to get attention, you will wait for the best time to blurt out very valuable comments and trust me, you become the attention for a period of time. The same rule applies when you want to key into strategic commenting principle to get a job. In order to do so, there are some simple basic things which you need to do;

  1. Be very vast in your field: If you’re not vast in your field then this may as well not work out for you. The same way you cannot blurt out valuable comments in important gatherings if you do not actually have deep insights into what you’re saying. So if you are not very vast in your field, then you should apply this simple principle to accelerate your learning so as to join in the game.
  2. Go find your community: You cannot be a writer, a story writer to be precise then join the community of coders and think you want to get attention there. You will be wasting your time. Go join communities in which you belong and follow conversations there. Give very valuable insights, it will help you get more visibility and build your own audience. I belong to a whatsapp group of entrepreneurs across Africa and a topic was raised which led to an argument on the group. I simply came, started with my analysis as everyone paid attention to me, by the time I was done, two people had already messaged me with job offers.

The same happened sometime last month on the same group where I commented on something else and I got two people pay to learn such from me.

  1. Two cent Comments: Now, this is the most important part. I called it 2 cent comment because I chose to. There are influencers in your niche or in the niche of the area you want to get jobs, search for them and follow them, put their posts on notifications. I have tried this approach on facebook and it worked and that was how I was able to get a particularly connection. The same with instagram, I have followed some certain entrepreneurs who are influencers, put their posts on notification and comment very insightful comments on their posts.

Here’s the trick, your comments must be in line with the discussion on ground, your comment must not be in form of begging for help, it may be more of an addition and as a means to educate other sets of people who will be reading your own comment seeing you will be commenting early and I must tell you, people are watching. It is not just about getting the attention of the influencer but leveraging on the audience of the influencer and maximizing his or her visibility.

This is another approach to fast tracking your job employment opportunity.

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