Some Finalists at Pivot25 – Campus101 And M-Farm

The following companies are some of the finalists at Pivot25. Pivot25 is an mlab initiative to bring focus on the Mobile developer and entrepreneur community in East Africa.mlab East Africa is a consortium of four organizations aiming to be a leader in identifying, nurturing and helping to build sustainable enterprises in the knowledge economy.


M-Farm by M-Farm Limited is a market transparency tool for farmers. Kenyan farmers simply SMS the number 3535 to get information pertaining to the retail price of their products, to buy their farm inputs directly from manufacturers at favorable prices, and to find buyers for their produce.  This Kenyan startup has  a simple mission – empower local farmers with prices of produce. They even compensate for regional price changes. How it is done?



Campus 101 by Metro-Mobile is a mobile application that gives students a detailed summary of their university’s e-learning systems, up to date information about school’s events, and access to their Higher Education Loan Board (HELB) statuses.


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