Some Upcoming Conferences or Events In Nigeria – LinuxFest, DrupalCamp, etc

The following are some events or conferences which are planned in Lagos  or Abuja in the near future. If you know more, please let us know. Thank you.

  1. LinuxFest, Lagos

    Nigeria / Lagos

    28th30th October 2011

  2. Drupal Camp, Lagos

    Nigeria / Lagos

    7th9th October 2011

  3. Mobile Web West Africa 2012

    Nigeria / Lagos

    13th15th March 2012

  4. The African Conference on FOSS and the Digital Commons – IDLELO

    Nigeria / Abuja

    Online conference

    19th23rd March 2012

  5. Startup Weekend Lagos

    Nigeria / Lagos

    9th11th September 2011


LinuxFest is a free event, focused on grassroots evangelism of Linux and other Open source software projects. During the event, conference attendees listen to a number of presentations and make contact with a number of companies and non-profit organizations who share an interest in open source software. The event raises money through a raffle and by charging commercial vendors a donation fee for their booths. This allows the festival to stay free for all who wish to come, while raising enough money to fly in popular speakers.

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