Spark School Shares What It Takes To Succeed in Startups

Spark School of Entrepreneurship, founded by Bola Adeboye, is a not – for-profit organization whose objective is offering entrepreneurship training and development for young and aspiring businessmen and women.

Recently, it held some programs on business startups and these are the summaries for aspiring startups:

–          You must be able to analyze and estimate the cost of going into the business in order to be a successful entrepreneur in life

–           for business start-ups to survive, satisfaction, financial gain, stability and enjoyment must be considered as yardsticks before going into the business.

Highlighting other strategies, they said, an individual must not expect to be effective and successful in business unless he or she truly believes in the business and in the good and services that will sell. Others strategies include planning and building habits that every business owner should develop, implement and maintain.

Manage money wisely by promoting and marketing the business to ensure that cash keeps flowing and at all the time. Accordingly, individual must always remember that his or her customers’s priority must be number one at all times, becoming a shameless self-promoter saying that such acts would make an individual to be able to do a proper evaluation on his business.

They said, business owners must go out of their way and make a conscious efforts to always project the most professional business image possible, taking advantage of possible opportunities, seeking an expert’s opinion or business problems, as well as defining the uniqueness in the proposed business.

They also maintained that entrepreneurs must be able ti invest in themselves by buying and reading books of great experts who have succeeded as entrepreneurs.

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