Take ACTION – it is a New Year

Take ACTION – it is a New Year

Yesterday, I spoke with a young lady in Aba. She employs 9 people making special hair for Nigerians, mainly in Diaspora. She had connected with my team to help her on free hosting which we offer free to SMEs in Nigeria.

But our community manager wanted to learn more: the lady has no secondary school education but can make really good hair designs. She has 2 people marketing full time, posting images of hair designs on Facebook, Instagram etc.

I asked her “Why a website”? She explained she would like to use it to validate herself as many diaspora Nigerians keep asking for one. Essentially, you can fake a FB profile, but a website with address, pictures of owners, etc could provide authentication.

I gave her a present – a free website besides whatever she was getting.

As Acres of Diamonds has taught us – opportunities abound  in many places. But unlocking them requires having awareness & observation. When you add ACTION, great things could happen.

What is it that you can do well? Think and find ways to monetize it. With the web, you do not need NTA or Guardian to reach customers – the gate is wide open.

Take ACTION – it is a New Year.


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