Take your FIRST STEP on something productive

Take your FIRST STEP on something productive

For a baby, for an adult; for a company, for a nation; the most difficult step to take is the FIRST STEP. But if you summon the courage to do it, it is a magical feeling. You are more likely to move forward than fall backward. And just like that, you are out of the bounds of inaction. Take your FIRST STEP on something productive. This is a weekend to plan #Action.

It may not be perfect on day one but nothing great has ever been achieved until someone takes action. Take action and #build.

Happy weekend ahead…


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One thought on “Take your FIRST STEP on something productive

  1. Karen Kevin Akhsharumov · Edit

    I totally share this opinion, the hardest in anything is the first time, first step, fisrt time to make a courage, and after this everything is being much easier, even when you lose, you realize that you could do the first steps, so I would rather advice people to teach their children that the most importat thing in acheving something is the ability to try, to suffer, and finally not be afraid to do the VERY FIRST STEPS.


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