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We are looking for editors for tekedia.com. You must be physically living in West Africa and must have operated, written generously or managed a blog. Interested? Please email us your CV along with links to your blogs. When you join us, you must write a minimum of 6 original posts per day. We will reward in the range of N35,000 – N40,000 per month for only tekedia.com exclusive contents. If you plagiarize contents and we find out, you could be liable to damages. Unfortunately, if you are our editor, you cannot maintain another blog. We will spend money and resources to brand you on the web ecosystem and will need your full focus.


Your responsibilities are many and varied as we are looking for breaking news and covering neglected news within Technology, Innovation, Entrepreneurship, and Education.


They include among others:

–  interview/document/analyse technology creators, users, mechanics, hairdressers, metal molders, shoe designers (those Aba boys practice technology, also), herbalists, professors, engineers, policy markers, palm wine tappers (what do they do, we want to know), local farmers (one harvests bigger yams, the neighbor weeps on poor harvest, why?),  student inventors (cover those class projects), etc

– write about them

– report about startups

– write on business and technology policy

– profile legends and icons of technology

– student leaders and administrators on education, technology, etc.

– And anything innovation, entrepreneurship, education, and technology.


Our contents are aligned within West Africa  and South Africa though once in a while you can cover technology events around the world.


NB: Editors must have personal computers/laptops, internet access and work from home, and will cover all associated costs for pursuing contents.


Email: [email protected]


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