Tekedia Institute Partners YouthUp Global To Grow Tekedia Hub

Tekedia Institute Partners YouthUp Global To Grow Tekedia Hub

Tekedia Institute confirmed its partnership with YouthUp Global to catalyze worldwide innovations through the recently launched Tekedia Hub  hub.tekedia.com. Tekedia Hub is Facebook for Innovators.

Tekedia Hub is an ecosystem developed for innovators and growth champions, to co-learn and co-share, on the mechanics of business systems and innovation. It has capabilities to enable members to form groups, follow others and be followed, and discuss important things, around business, education and more. As we developed it, we used this phrase – “Facebook for Innovators”.

Tekedia Hub is an arm of the Tekedia Institute that will be focused on bringing innovators, think-thanks, and ready learners together under a single roof, to share ideas, build solutions, and drive economic prosperity across the globe and with this in mind, YouthUp Global which is an internationally recognized youth development focused brand with strong roots in Africa, America, and Asia is now charged with the partnership responsibility of sensitizing and directing youths around the world towards growth by utilizing the hub.

The Tekedia Hub currently welcomes all classes of individuals and with this partnership and is set for worldwide reach, especially targeted at youths such that the resulting community serves as a platform for idea incubation, funding acquisition, business consulting, etc.

Registration for Tekedia Mini-MBA (Feb 6 – May 6 2023) has startedClick and register here. Cost is N60,000 or $140 for the 12-week program if you register by Dec 3, 2022. Beat the early bird for free books, discounts and other bonuses. 

Faith Nwaobia, the President of YouthUp Global, mentioned, “We have been through countless phases to achieve bringing ‘youths’ and ‘innovation’ in one platform” and added that “the combined Tekedia and YouthUp Team has developed processes that encourage:

1) Creative thinking upon which innovation frameworks can be created;

2) Scholarship opportunities for Tekedia Hub users;

3) Establishment of varieties of sustainable business models.”

‘Connect’ is another notable function that allows users to network and grow with other registered users. The idea is to build the hub into a solution marketplace for entrepreneurs, business owners, enterprises, and governments. To execute this function, a registered user sends a ‘connect’ request which is accepted by the requested user, building a network of problem solvers; Tekedia Hub is more like the Facebook for innovators and solution providers.

In essence, there have not been many platforms with the keyword ‘Management and Business Innovation’ which is a philosophical ideology of Harvard, but added convenience and ease of access to user (member) experience. However, the Tekedia Hub is expected to contribute to economic and social development through various innovative attempts to challenge and/or build on existing systems.

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