Tekedia Mini-MBA Will Have Graduation in Lagos on May 28, Organized by Learners

Tekedia Mini-MBA Will Have Graduation in Lagos on May 28, Organized by Learners

First, this is not being organized by Tekedia Institute. Our learners do these events, including the meetups, hangouts, etc across cities. Many have come together and started companies, deepened their markets, pursued business opportunities together, and more.  I am very happy to share here as they plan to celebrate: Tekedia Mini-MBA Lagos-based members will have a graduation party on Saturday, May 28.

Thousands have noted that Tekedia Institute has transformed their outlooks in business and markets. I am confident that this graduation will extend our mission of providing the best possible business education on entrepreneurial capitalism, with both local and global perspectives.

More people will graduate from Tekedia Institute than any university in Africa this year. Also, we have more students from traditional universities than any institution in Africa. Here, everyone converges because our program truly impacts. Congratulations again. Please remember to apply for your certificate with admin if you have not.

  • Register here for Tekedia Mini-MBA (Jun 6 – Sep 3, 2022)
  • Pay N60,000 ($140) by May 18 early bird deadline.

To join the next edition of Tekedia Mini-MBA (Jun 6 – Sept, 2022), click here 


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