Tekedia Person of the Year 2020 – “The Nigerian Healthcare Professionals”

Tekedia Person of the Year 2020 – “The Nigerian Healthcare Professionals”

The Tekedia Person of the Year 2020  is “The Nigerian Healthcare Professionals”. We recognize them for their commitment, can-do attitude, and service to their fellow citizens. When the world was in the miry clay, due to coronavirus, experts around the world predicted that deaths would follow across Nigerian cities. But these men and women rose to the challenge, and saved a nation!

Many of them remain unpaid for months; yet, they continue to support their fellow citizens. We recognize these men and women for designing and executing better protocols than their peers in most parts of the world. We celebrate the decency, honour and service that many did not give up, despite the lack of protective equipment, but went ahead to answer a bigger call in their nation.

For once, Nigeria prepared for something. Yes, the national center for disease control (NCDC) was just months-old before coronavirus came! We recognize the visioning which made NCDC possible. Across all domains, we commend our doctors, nurses, medical assistants, health-sector  cleaners and everyone in that industry.

They served Nigeria in 2020, and we are honoured to select them as our “Person of the Year”.


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