Tekedia Predicts That Windows Mobile Will Disrupt The Market WIth Office 365

With the launch of Office 365 planned, Tekedia thinks that Microsoft Windows Mobile will play a major role in the tablet warfare.


Microsoft is set to place one of its biggest bets yet on cloud computing with the launch of Office 365, an online version of its most widely used business software.

The software company’s belated push online with one of its core businesses comes more than four years after Google came up with its own service, but has still left it in a strong position to dominate the market for online applications used by white-collar workers, according to analysts.


Tekedia has noted that if Microsoft moves Office to the cloud, it can be a game changer in the industry. Now, they have done it, you will see how platform will become a huge cost issue and not just a matter of convenience.  The next move from Microsoft will be to use Office365 to sell their tablets. CIOs will go for Microsoft tabs  because staff can access Office at lower rates. Soon, consumers will follow as more works move to the cloud, PC going, and yes, Office  363 will be there.


Watch out, in coming months, all users of Windows Mobile tablets will get Offoce365 free or highly discounted.  That is the most important strategy for Microsoft to get into this game. We think it makes sense to use Office to try. The business is so far ahead of them than nothing else has a chance. We think Microsoft has a plan.


We estimate that Microsoft has a chance of doubling its market share in the tablet OS market. They will eat into Blackberry which continues to bleed and Apple iOS. Android from Google will remain safe because of its open source model.

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