Thank You, Corporate Subscribers

Thank You, Corporate Subscribers

Our community is getting more exciting and the next level is here. We are now having companies subscribing to Tekedia for their staff.  It comes like this to our email; this one from a LinkedIn user (we have his permission to share) to my InMail:


Good morning…. interesting outlook on some of your articles..I am actually going to subscribe your article for my employees in Nigeria to read…. You have some interesting outlook on the economy.

We welcome that. Thank you.

Apology for Offline

But one hour ago, site crashed. We are on Amazon Web Services but just noticed that AWS does not guarantee blanket traffic growth. We will upgrade and team is evaluating options. We started with the lowest possible plan but it needs to evolve. I apologize for the service interruption that happened.

This is a good problem to have and I thank you for the patience. We will get site to the best possible quality. Here are some data snapshots. When the data was high, site froze. And people left, and site came back live. That is not supposed to be. I had expected AWS to accommodate the traffic surge at the peak hour. We will get into the right plan to ensure we enjoy that elasticity AWS offers.


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2 thoughts on “Thank You, Corporate Subscribers

  1. Dear Prof,

    I just saw this (4 days late). I believe what you need to activate within your AWS configuration is the “Auto-Scaling” option.

    If you haven’t fixed said error, you can send me a private message and I’ll walk you or your guys through.

    Kind regards.


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