That BBC Documentary And Evolving Covid-19 Discrimination

That BBC Documentary And Evolving Covid-19 Discrimination

The Covid-19 vaccine passport and the Covid-19 test certificate would become another level of legendary discrimination against Africa and the developing world. Already, the BBC has made it clear:  that negative test certificates from Nigeria could be fake. That documentary is pure wickedness because BBC does not have enough data to single out a country that way.  Watch out as the world requests re-testing and re-issuing of documents with Africa hitting a double whammy: you do not have money, yet you have to do more tests to prove you are clean, from a disease which to a large extent you have “overcome” relatively better.

I call on the African Union to mount a ferocious defense from this Covid-19 discrimination against Africa. I like what Nigeria is working on: ban our airlines, we will ban you. Stop us from flying in, we stop you from flying out. We are a people of 1.3 billion people and we matter.

Covid-19 is not ebola virus and we cannot be pushed to suffer the “after-effects” with global discrimination which entities like BBC are already seeding with the documentary on fake travel documents. 

Sure, this is not to endorse people who peddle fake documents. But the point is this: we need to fight this pandemic without bringing the old codes. While it is easier to throw nations like Nigeria under the bus, I am yet to see these media entities do the same to China.


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3 thoughts on “That BBC Documentary And Evolving Covid-19 Discrimination

  1. “Sure, this is not to endorse people who peddle fake documents. But the point is this: we need to fight this pandemic without bringing the old codes.” Which pandemic fight? The greatest scam to ever happen? How many people usually die globally per annum, and who have been tracking the deaths?

    China has a population of over 1.2 billion people, how many tests have they conducted, 400 million or 600 million, and how many deaths, still less than 10k? China tells you what to believe and agree on, if you are arguing, then go and create your own universe; their economy even grew…

    Only smart people ‘fight’ covid, unfortunately we don’t have many of them in Africa! They keep telling you guys that the virus is deadly, and you must do everything to fight it, and many believed them. The reason why practical wisdom trumps scientific wisdom is that you don’t need to run a test or conduct an experiment, before you figure out the truth on the former. It is never about what you are told a thing is, but what you see and what it is to you.

    The continent with least deaths will end up being the fall guy, and some of you are still asking questions? Want to be a covid free nation? Declare we are covid-free. And continue pushing the narrative!

    1. Francis, this does not sound like you. Covid-19 is not fake. It is a real health issue. If Covid-19 is fake, Trump would have explained it as that took his presidency. Let us not trivialize big things. You can play the politics of healthcare but let us ensure we write with wisdom because some of us influence people.

      Like the man who was asked, why did you go to Capitol to attack senators, he responded: I was following the order of the President to fight. So, it is not everything that we have to say and write. People, Covid-19 is real. That is a constant.


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