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The BeepTool Innovations [video]

The BeepTool Innovations [video]

It is live in Nigeria and I invite all villages, communities, churches, mosques, offices and stakeholders to the party. BeepTool, through satellites, now makes it possible that anyone even in rural areas can speak to doctors in cities. It also uses the same connectivity to support farmers. With companies like BeepTool, the villages get more exciting as digital economy and opportunities are arriving at scale! Yes, BeepTool is a satellite connectivity company that offers services in agriculture, healthcare, finance, etc by making affordable internet possible in rural Africa, beginning with Nigeria.

Our vision in BeepTool is to connect every village in Nigeria to the world wide web. From rural health clinic to farming communities, we have the BeepTool satellite to make that connectivity happen. And our most affordable smartphones and tablets will empower people to go digital. These tablets and phones are engineered to turn GSM devices into satellite nodes so that you can go online, affordably, via satellites even when GSM operators like MTN and Glo are not present. Yes, we turn GSM phones through proprietary apps to work on our satellite systems.

The BeepTool solution is an innovative rural satellite connectivity network that enables robust, low-cost satellite services for a large number of users throughout Africa. The BeepTool custom and proprietary satellite Wi-Fi hotspots terminals loaded with the BeepTool Satellite firmware and the  BeepTool Satellite app beaming data connectivity wifi to more than 100 devices at the same time within the radius

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