That Buhari’s Chatham Speech

That Buhari’s Chatham Speech

After this speech, the US policy changed. The UK policy changed. EU sang! Everyone wanted Mr. Buhari because with him, the world will not “worry about Nigeria”. In that season, I left circuits and systems to hear Prof Osinbajo (in Washington DC) who also promised that independent power stations will light Nigeria. At 11.0am today, according to the Transmission Company of Nigeria (TCN), “there was a total system collapse of the grid”. What is happening to Nigeria?


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One thought on “That Buhari’s Chatham Speech

  1. And he’s leading from front indeed. It’s easier to read a written speech to a gathered audience, unfortunately governance requires much more, which he never had, but was propped up to satisfy some competing interests.

    This was the venue the deal was sealed, in a far away land, and we are yet to fully digest the calamity sweeping us all.

    “We will respond promptly, equip our military’, deal with the root cause of insurgency…”

    If this speech wasn’t recorded, the ones with diarrhoea of the mouth will be telling us it wasn’t true, that we are wailing because they blocked the hole from where we steal from.

    The regime captured power via propaganda, so it was condemned to falter continuously. You cannot lie your way to obtain something sacred and then erroneously believe that your reign would be smooth.

    Nigeria will be fine, but those who worked against her will continue to crumble, they cannot have peace.


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