The Coming of Digitalization

The Coming of Digitalization

A quick one, Harmeet Kaur of CNN Business writes: “As the spread of the coronavirus is proving difficult to contain, so too is the misinformation surrounding it…One of the most recent, baseless conspiracy theories surrounding the virus is that 5G networks -… are fueling the global coronavirus pandemic. They are not…Unsophisticated algorithms amplified those voices and ushered unsubstantiated theories into the mainstream.”


With the fabled news revolving around the 5G networks, it is almost acceptable to say: “MAYBE WE ARE NOT READY FOR DIGITIZATION”.

Recently, due to a video I viewed, I went to the internet to research subdermal transplant and I found an article written in 2016 that predicts a Phone Implant in our heads. Insane right? How on earth are we supposed to have a phone implant in our heads? Jokingly, I said, “how about you just create a technology that hacks our brains instead?”…Hmmmmm!

Still brooding on it, something occurred to me – Change is inevitable. When there is change people react; people forget to be logical. Surprisingly, Jack Canfield, an American Author and an Entrepreneur said almost the same thing however quite detailed;

Change is inevitable in life. You can either resist it and potentially get run over by it, or you can choose to cooperate with it, adapt to it, and learn how to benefit from it. When you embrace change you will begin to see it as an opportunity for growth

Since 2020 began, many of us have noticed the constant change, especially in our weather…LOL…#AKuHeatYii and increased data usage. Somehow, we are transiting into a more informed, more visualized and practical world. Things are clearly not the way we think they should be and I’ll say emphatically, WE NEED TO BE READY for what’s coming. Now, let’s talk about how to GET READY for this evolving world;

  1. Digitalization is for you: First you need to know this is for you. No matter how shady or scary persons are interpreting it, understanding that there are opportunities embedded in this age for you is very important.
  2. Build a positive mindset: Whether it is 5G Network myths or facts, building a positive environment at this time is of necessity. Having a mind that delights in optimistic change will enable your productivity and creativity when needed.
  3. Grow your values: I know many of us have beautiful core values and all, however, some of us still struggle with accepting change easily. With all the fuss going about this digitalization, embracing values like spontaneity, courage, growth, curiosity and others will facilitate your active involvement in the digital world.
  4. Learn: Although, learning is a choice but then an adage says never stop learning because life never stops teaching. So rather than grumble about what’s happening and gradually fizzle out as a result of ignorance, why don’t you learn? Learn and gather facts. Learn and meditate. Learn and develop ideas. Learn and be more productive. Start learning possible means on how to be relevant in the coming world.
  5. Stay in faith: I’d say let’s consider this more keenly in line with growth and opportunities. Stay in faith as to what’s coming and how you’ll respond to it. Align your hearts on consequential matters deliberately not for spite but for wisdom. Activate a faith rule that says no matter what comes, I’ll get by.

Finally, I’d say “change will always bring inconvenience”. And like Bernard Shaw’s words, progress is impossible without change; and those who cannot change their minds cannot change anything. Therefore, see the opportunities.

Thanks for reading.

Take care.

Stay safe.

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