The Competitive Engine of Modern Commerce

The Competitive Engine of Modern Commerce

ICT (information and communication technology) is facilitating the process of socio-economic development in nations. ICT has offered new ways of exchanging information, and transacting businesses, efficiently and cheaply. It has also changed the dynamic natures of financial, entertainment and communication industries and provided better means of using the human and institutional capabilities of the nation in both the public and private sectors.

Increasingly, ICT is rapidly moving nations towards knowledge-based economic structures and information societies, comprising networks of individuals, firms and states that are linked electronically and in interdependent global relationships. This remarkable success of ICT has cushioned advancements in many industrial sectors, accelerating productivity in production systems. Largely, ICT has become the competitive engine of modern commerce and industry as every business has become a technology business.

In this note, I present an overview of information systems for business.

Table of Contents

  1. What is Information System?

  2. Information System Competitive Advantage

  3. Risk Management Information System

  4. Business Continuity Planning

  5. Disaster Recovery

  6. Extended Topics (read this book)



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