The Copy Copy Style in our Educational System is NOT Helping Our Young People

The Copy Copy Style in our Educational System is NOT Helping Our Young People

The la cramme, la pour in our educational system has killed our graduates thinking and dynamism.

I once had a lecturer at the Federal Polytechnic Ede, Osun, who will tell you never to write down your ideas for him. He told us, ”when I ask you questions in the exam or quiz, give it back to me the way I have taught you. Give me back my note.”

That was really a disgusting teaching scope. Turning graduates into a photocopier machine. Graduates never bother reading to understand, instead, they read to master the notes, in order to give the answer back to the lecturers.

Education is meant to pass information and facilitate understanding for genuine application into real life problems. How do our graduates apply what they’ve learned when they were made to copy and paste?

The ability to think critically and act logically has been killed. Isn’t that the reason why we have graduates that would sit and wait for the government to provide everything they want?

Common, use your head! Look around you and see. There are many things around you that can help you find an income. Think! Think!! Think!!!

These have contributed immensely to the poverty rate in Africa. We are intellectually poor. But for one, most African Leaders, Teachers, Lecturers, Religious Leaders studied abroad, returning to the continent with Doctorate qualifications in many disciplines (political science, economics, finance etc…) but yet we’re incapable of solving our own problems. They simply can’t offer anything except for their selfish interests.

”The reluctance of many African regimes to unlearn archaic ideas that seem to keep Africa “stuck”, relearn innovative ideas and invite youthful forward thinkers to policy making sessions continue to keep Africa at a disadvantage.” – Nonye Aghanya.

Our lecturers acquire certificates overseas to oppress. That’s what we do best in Africa. We oppress ourselves with little affluence. That has actually made us more greedy. We want to acquire wealth for ourselves in order to be seen as relevant and an important figure. Whereas the main purpose of acquiring wealth is to lift others up.

Until we eradicate the copy copy mentality in our educational system that has affected our lifestyle, I don’t see Africa progressing in the nearest future.

Africa – Which way?

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