The Empires of the Future will be Refiners of Data

The Empires of the Future will be Refiners of Data

The empires of the future will be refiners of Data. Like Pythagoras postulated during the Great Debate, the world is nothing but numbers. In market systems, to understand Demand and Supply, you essentially need to make sense of the numbers around demand and supply. Those numbers are the data of firms, markets, customers and all stakeholders.

Yes, DATA is the New Oil but can you refine it? You cannot be a 21st century category-king company if you cannot REFINE data. The blue-collar job of the 21st century is software but the gunpowder to conquer markets is data.

If Lord Polonius has asked Hamlet that question today, “What do you read, my lord?”, Hamlet would have returned “Data, data, data”, instead of “Words, words, words”. Chinua Achebe will remind us: create your own story. That story is data of events. Google has its. Facebook does. Flutterwave, FUTO, MPESA, etc do – everything is data!

The world is nothing but Data. Those who make sense of it will rule. Are you ready?


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One thought on “The Empires of the Future will be Refiners of Data

  1. Everyone is great at making assumptions, until data appear…

    Data doesn’t respect your biases or sentiments, it serves you a dose of reality, both hot and cold.

    And at TheMhagic, in few years time, we can authoritatively comment on talents and skills that sell, businesses/sectors with vitality, the ones whose growths are exponential and those that are incremental. You can never know these realities by creating models or theorizing; surveys rarely reflect reality. When you do things, you begin to make sense of the gap thar exits between actual and expected, it you make you dazed and depressed at the same time.

    The same person that tells you he would pay N1k for a product or service, produce the actual product, meet him again; you realise that he’s not ready to even part with N500; but you counted on his N1k in your survey…

    Do things, without doing things, you can never make sense of data, you will continue guessing and floating.


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