Home Latest Insights | News “The Empires On Tech” by Ndubuisi Ekekwe – Tekedia Capital OPEN Presentation [Video]

“The Empires On Tech” by Ndubuisi Ekekwe – Tekedia Capital OPEN Presentation [Video]

“The Empires On Tech” by Ndubuisi Ekekwe – Tekedia Capital OPEN Presentation [Video]

Here is the video in case you missed it.

We invite you to Tekedia Capital OPEN which is scheduled on Saturday, Jan 21, 2023 at  4-5pm WAT. Prof Ndubuisi Ekekwe, the Chairman of Tekedia Capital, will make a presentation titled “The Empires on Tech”. This is an open free event – and every person is invited.

In this presentation, he will explain how Africa is being redesigned by tech startups, re-architecting the economies, and in the process unlocking abundance for citizens, communities and nations, across markets and industrial sectors.

Tekedia Mini-MBA (Feb 5 – May 4, 2024) registration has started; beat early birds for discounts here.

Tekedia AI in Business Masterclass opens registrations here.

Join Tekedia Capital Syndicate and invest in Africa’s finest startups here.

We’re in a new age of value creation, a cambrian moment of entrepreneurial capitalism, and it would be decades-long. The transformations will offer new ordinances in market systems, and the implications will be massive: wealth, scaled exponentially for those who participate. Indeed, there is power in a line of software code and the switching of a transistor; Africa will experience that power at scale. Come and learn about the future.

  • Event: Tekedia Capital Open
  • Topic: The Empires On Tech
  • Presenter: Ndubuisi Ekekwe, MBA, PhD
  • Date: Saturday, Jan 21, 2023
  • Time: 4pm – 5pm WAT
  • Zoom link here (event is free and open). YouTube webcast will be posted on this page on Saturday; only the first 100 will be on Zoom
  • Contact: [email protected]
  • Mailing list: click here to join our mailing list

Share this message and come with your friends, associates, colleagues, families, investment club members, etc.

About Tekedia Capital:  Tekedia Capital offers a specialty investment vehicle (or investment syndicate) which makes it possible for citizens, groups and organizations to co-invest in innovative startups and young companies in Africa. Capital from these investing entities are pooled together and then invested in a specific company or companies. Our focus is on companies with primary operations in Africa even though they may be legally domiciled within or outside Africa.

We invest in mainly technology-anchored companies and are sector-agnostic which means those companies could be operating in any industry, including finance, real estate, education, health, logistics, etc. The opportunity is open for individuals in Africa, Africans in diasporas, global citizens in any place in the world, investment groups and organizations around the world. To learn more about Tekedia Capital Syndicate, go here.

Tekedia Capital charges $1,000 (or N550,000) membership fee to include an investor in Tekedia Capital deal flows for 4 investment cycles (we typically do 2-3 cyclers every 12 months) 

Join Tekedia Capital here and co-invest with us in Africa’s finest startups. 


Book a 1:1 (one-to-one) live video consultation and get personalized professional & business advice with Prof Ndubuisi Ekekwe here.

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