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The Flights Are Back in Nigeria, Shut downs averted

The Flights Are Back in Nigeria, Shut downs averted

I am updating that our planned orchestration of camels to move humans across Nigeria has been suspended. Yes, the airlines are not going to “strike” with shutdowns because the government has come along.  Of course, no sensible Nigerian would have believed those airlines when they threatened to withdraw their services.

Just like covid-19 which affects the rich and the poor, when matters in Nigeria affect the big men, solutions are found in hours. Without flights, how do you expect big men to move around in Nigeria? You think our ministers will join buses or use those dangerous roads infested with bandits?

Every problem in Nigeria has a solution. The reason we do not see solutions is because of interests. If you can link your agitations to affect the big men, you will get an immediate result.

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As a student in Johns Hopkins University, I walked past a president of Nigeria in Johns Hopkins Hospital. He was possibly there for one medical check or whatever, and certainly avoided visiting Isuikwuato General Hospital, Abia State, which used to serve thousands of people in that area until they destroyed it. But with an option to visit American hospitals, he could ignore the local healthcare systems.

People, the flights are back; you only have to deal with the usual delays and cancellations. But at least, you have a real reason to spend the hours at the airports.

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Comment 1:Thank you Prof. I know that solutions will pop up immediately. Then I quickly took stock of those big men with their own jets, it was not difficult to know that a way around the airliners challenge will be addressed. But, what should we say to Ibom Air? Are they insulated from the challenges? Is there something they are doing that is not visible to other operators?

My Response: Ibom Air is government! It has no useful balance sheet. Typically, in Nigeria, when they finish the initial capital injection, they fold. So, do not look at what Ibom Air is doing. This is not to say that it would not be successful. I do not believe that any Nigerian state can run an airline. More so, how many routes does it cover? The biggest bird there is Air Peace. You can add Air Contractors and Arik.

  Another Comment on same: Ndubuisi Ekekwe I agree with Government managed airlines most times have average and even negative P & L , however i believe IBOM air can change the narrative if they are painstaking bent on improving quality of service and keen about being professional with their airline management and financials


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