The Illusion in the Billionaire Dropouts

The Illusion in the Billionaire Dropouts

Mark Zuckerberg and Bill Gates did not drop out of school – they upgraded from the mass educational system to another type that is more premium!

But admission into that one requires having a great product vision which makes it harder; getting the cut is not for dropouts but visionaries transiting into a new domain.

Yes, instead of sharing a Harvard professor with dozens of students, you have one as an executive coach. #StayInSchool


#StayInSchool – Bill Gates and Mark Zuckerberg Are Not Dropouts



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One thought on “The Illusion in the Billionaire Dropouts

  1. Formal education increases your chances of succeeding in multiples, because without education, your options are already limited, so you will keep swimming against the tides, and there are things you will never be considered for.

    If education fails you, what other better options do you really have? Through schooling, you learn many things, build relationships, expand your network power, and effectively qualify to compete in any life endeavour.

    Where you live, where you work, how you dress, your partner, the relationships you sustain, nothing influences these choices more than the school(s) you attended, it’s how network power does its magic, even when you don’t realise it.

    You can succeed without going to school, but there will always be more people who succeeded because they went to school, so it’s a simple choice of either limiting or expanding your options; I do not think it’s a hard call for any decent creature out there.


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