The Immersive Experience is Redesigning Shopping

The Immersive Experience is Redesigning Shopping

The future of shopping is immersive. As the customer experience shifts towards a personalized augmented one, various brands and startups are leading in this redesign.

Obsess, a startup recently launched a virtual shopping mall that will allow customers shop online by exploring virtual boutique stores. The stores which are created in Computer Generated Images product offerings include beauty, fitness, travel, wellness and more. Consumers can surf the stores through their smartphones, view 3D rendering on products and leverage Augmented Reality to visualize them in the real world.

French beauty giant L’Oreal will offer Chinese consumers the ability to virtually test lipsticks, eye shadows and other products from Armani Beauty through their smartphones and also take screenshots, save photos as well as share images to social media platforms via AR technology from L’Oreal’s Modiface on We Chat.

Walmart has filed a patent to offer its customers an immersive shopping experience at home that will allow them to wear a pair of VR glasses paired with sensor laden gloves that detect shopper’s movements and provides real time feedback while smart robots at it’s remote fulfillment centres will react to shopper’s virtual movements and pick and pack items. Its smart shelves are equipped with sensors to monitor inventory in real time and can detect when a product is removed, changes in temperature, moisture, etc.

Nigerian Luxury hotels, E-Commerce stores, Automotive, Fashion and Beauty, Health and Fitness outlets will have to redesign their customer experiences to a personalized, experiential, immersive one as the customer of the future will not need to be physically present at their locations to experience and purchase their products. Just imagine customers of Olori cosmetics, a proudly Nigerian brand for the African woman, and Innoson Motors, Jumia and Konga, testing their latest products as well as shopping in AR.

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