The Interview – Tell Us About Yourself

The Interview – Tell Us About Yourself
Young graduates often make the mistake of not preparing for interviews. Interviews are examinations to be prepared for. Some limits their preparations to technical questions alone, and that has kept them longer than necessary in the job market. Internet is a great blessing to the 21st century because the answer to every question can be found there. A YouTube video on how to answer common interview questions can save the day for you.
My aim for this piece is not to discuss all the common interview questions, but to briefly hit on the question that is often answered ahead of the interview date, yet candidates don’t know it has been answered.
Is no longer news that interviewers do profile the social media platforms of their candidates ahead of the interview. Their objective for doing so is to know their candidates by getting the answer upfront for the question – tell us about your self.
Your social media handles tells the world who you are. Remember, Internet doesn’t forget – your posts ten years ago are still there for anyone to see. So before you click send the next time, take a deep breath and ask your self, if this is a true reflection of who you are. Will you like a potential employer to read this ahead of the interview? Resist the temptation to comment on every “hot” discussion on social media. Silence they say is golden. Avoid the error of wrong social identity, if you don’t want to keep aborting your opportunities in life.
Instead of engaging in unending controversial and provocative arguments on social media, use your social media platforms to announce your skill set to the world. Make an attempt to provide summarized answers to societal issues; which tells a potential employer that you are solution driven. Ensure your posts are devoid of insults and rude words. Volunteering services are ways of telling the world how selfless you can be – good team player. In it all, remember to celebrate your small wins, because its an easy way to tell the world about your passion and how much you can achieve with little motivation and support – goal getter.

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