The Israel’s Netanyahu’s Speech [Video]

The Israel’s Netanyahu’s Speech [Video]

Nations are built by men and women. Every Nigerian has a responsibility for Nigeria. Watching this speech by Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu will challenge you on what nations can achieve if they pursue a mission as a team. I studied with many Israelis. They were not the top in the class. But they were top in having structures and systems that enable them to thrive. Israel knew where they were, and was always available to provide support. 

On the efficiency of the utilization of the factors of production and human imagination, Israel rules the world. The Israeli process, interestingly, is an advanced form of pockets of things I see in some African communities. Unfortunately, those communities remained caged due to lack of visioning systems at higher levels of leadership.

We must invent a new Africa.



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3 thoughts on “The Israel’s Netanyahu’s Speech [Video]

  1. “We are punching two hundred times above our wait”

    “Soon, those who do not have diplomatic relationship with us will be isolated.”

    Since the days of Azikiwe and Awolowo, not sure we have had leaders who knew how to make great and inspiring speeches; ours are unwatchable when they speak…

    Political speech is so important, such that it’s one of the three branches of Oratory, it is where you model the future by defining the ‘what’ and answering the ‘how’, when it comes to nation building.

    Down here, we largely have politicians who only see politics as mere politicking, no knowledge on how great nations are built. And most times we keep overestimating them, believing that they know the right things to do, only that they don’t want to do them. Not really, they do NOT know enough.

    Just watch how Netanyahu talked about AI, Big Data, IoT, as if he’s a CEO of a global tech corporation, and went ahead to proudly talk about what Israelis are doing, and where they are leading the world; that’s a leadership that knows what its nation’s dreams and aspirations are.

    We may start by electing leaders who can speak eloquently, nothing unites a people more than great speech from a leader, rallying the citizens for a common purpose.

  2. Now this is very impressive and i envy isreal. Most of all is I look forward to the day we can start making Nigeria a great country that is at the fore front of a specialized activity / service / Industry enabling the lives of people in the world.


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