The Knowledge of Firms And The Jobberman Way

The Knowledge of Firms And The Jobberman Way

In our contemporary business scene, one of the most important factors of production is knowledge. Knowledge defines everything – and companies with abundance of it typically thrive. No company can rise above its ability to accumulate, process, and apply knowledge. Interestingly, the knowledge of firms is found in its workforce. So, the workforce is what determines the growth and prosperity of all companies. You cannot overemphasize on the need to build, nurture, and accelerate the right team.

In this season of graduation, of which we are telling some of our members who just finished from our program to register with @Jobberman, I am also asking SMEs, and companies of different sizes, to go there and find them. Our goal is to ensure that those who want jobs will find them, even as we focus on preparing them for markets. We continue to look for ecosystems that bring job orchestration, making it possible for young people to find opportunities.

Through the Jobberman’s #HireTheJobbermanWay, you get the support to recruit the right talents which will deepen your business mission. If you hire any Tekedia alumni through Jobberman, we will offer a full scholarship to another staff in your company.

Partner with the industry category-king and build the knowledge and wealth of your firm; begin here with Jobberman.


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