The Lesson At Bethesda – Communicate Better with Confidence

The Lesson At Bethesda – Communicate Better with Confidence
He was paralyzed for 38 years. He expected healing at a pool in Bethesda. Typically, an angel would arrive at the pool, stir the water, and the first to get in would be made whole. That has been the method for years; nothing else matters for many.

Then one day, a Messiah came. He asked the man, “Do you want to get well?”
“Sir,” the man replied, “I have no one to help me into the pool when the water is stirred. While I am trying to get in, someone else goes down ahead of me.”

Notice his answer: he had no one to get him into the water. Simply, he had no connection to Aso Rock, White House or the U.S. Embassy for visa. Apparently, his healing must come via the same way – stirring water and jumping in, and the process must wait until the next angel arrives. Too bad, he did not know the grand commander of angels was before him.

We have the same problem. Someone asks you “Do you need a job?” Then you quickly remind him that “Sir, I made a 2.2 and banks, oil & gas, and telcos have never invited me for an interview”.

Get over it. Do not make the path to success to become the Success. There are many routes. Not many would be as lucky as the man who despite his way-off answer received healing from Christ. Communicate better and try to see the big picture. Happy Sunday.

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When you ask anyone in front of you this seemingly simple question: what do you want? You might think that the answer would come quickly, in straightforward manner. But to respond to this simple question, people will form an arc, and sometimes a full circle, all in a bid to convey what they want!

Why is the answer not coming off so easily? Lack of CONFIDENCE! When your life’s story contains a good dose of misfortunes and disappointments, fear takes root in you, so even to say your name, you become weary, because you don’t know where the next bad news could come from.

The man knew that he would like to walk, but having experienced too many near misses, he felt that narrating his ordeals before hitting the main point could boost his chances, and luckily – he clinched it, albeit for a different reason.

Perhaps the best gift we could offer those around us or who come in contact with us, is to restore their confidence, once they recover it, most would excel without further assistance. A lot of people had been shouted or harassed into submission, to the point that they can no longer say their mind, without first getting approval.

Confidence is in short supply in many people’s lives, making them uncomfortable in their own skins.


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One thought on “The Lesson At Bethesda – Communicate Better with Confidence

  1. Prof. Ndubuisi Ekekwe, thanks for the insights. When I saw some people on LinkedIn who say it all fallacy, I always remember that for you to say you believe in nothing is also a type of belief. We’re all believers after all!!


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