The Lesson from Linda Ikeji On Building with Authenticity

The Lesson from Linda Ikeji On Building with Authenticity

Linda Ikeji is peerless in understanding how social media and blogging work. I do not read her works because the focus is not my interests. Yet, I wanted to know why she was successful. Most Nigerian companies put Linda Ikeji on their tags to get traffic. I spent time and saw an interview where she explained her minor secrets. One key point is: “To succeed in blogging, you must reveal your identity.”.

This observation looks simple until you put it in perspective. When she started blogging more than a decade ago, most people blogged with pseudonyms or simply ‘editors’: Linda used her real name, and went ahead to name the blog after herself. She brought authenticity and connected with people, as they knew who was writing.

Simply, the greatest innovation form Linda Ikeji was not the content, but REVEALING herself and going bold to name it after herself in a world where everything was hidden. She was ahead of her time. Recall… many years ago, CVs or resumes were like classified assets. But when LinkedIn came, that veil was taken off.

LinkedIn normalized that secret asset to be visible to other employers as the construct of one-company-worker was broken. So, we all revolted, and went via LinkedIn to tell other employers that we’re here: come and get us as we’re not sure this current one can keep the agreement till retirement.

How do you do digital marketing? You got authenticity on that brand?

Improving the Performance of Your Digital Marketing


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2 thoughts on “The Lesson from Linda Ikeji On Building with Authenticity

  1. Of the three things that make speeches believable or persuasive, credibility of the speaker is at the top. If your potential audience view you as credible and reputable, other facets are much easier.

    Same goes for markets and all life endeavors. You cannot sell when no one believes you.

  2. Her story is indeed one of authenticity. However, one has to factor in her modelling background. That really did help her and also allowed her room to get insider news before anyone else did.

    She is good at what she does.


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