The Lessons from Babylon on Value Creation

The Lessons from Babylon on Value Creation

First, you do not know everything and claiming otherwise will not help you develop and advance in life. Learning comes with humility and self-discovery that one needs advancement to progress.

The best personal finance book ever written, in my opinion, is The Richest Man in Babylon. Diamond Bank Lagos asked entry level staff to read it during induction training programs, just out of the university. The bank wanted to wire our minds to understand the key elements of finance and life.  

It has one message: make sure you use experts who understand what you want to do, to help you. In other words, the professionals deserve to earn their wages and it makes sense to hire great people with expertise in their fields.

People, keeping a website with decent traffic running is not easy. I mean it. After all the embarrassment  with this site with its constant crashing, we had to consult a person that manages hosting for a living.

It is possible that your webmaster or software guy has no idea how the web hosting business works. I have learnt my lesson. These geeks have specialties. I already know that.  In short, Amazon Web Services, the web hosting business of the ecommerce  giant, is fascinatingly confusing. For all the primitives, you need a person who understand how the pieces work. This is a skill beyond coding.

I can say with confidence that this blog, Tekediawill be running better now (the guy promised). I hope he is right. Tomorrow will make the call.

But irrespective, we have the lesson from George Clason’s book deployed here: hire the right person. It does not have to be in Babylon. It works anywhere. George might not have even visited Babylon. It does not matter. There are Babylonian merchants, people that like to create value, everywhere.


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