The MD of Weco Systems To Teach Business Execution in Tekedia Mini-MBA

The MD of Weco Systems To Teach Business Execution in Tekedia Mini-MBA

He is the Managing Director of Weco Systems, a technology systems integrator and technology advisory company. He joined as a Systems Engineer, and rose through the ranks to become the MD. He holds a B.Eng. degree in Electrical & Electronics Engineering from Federal University of Technology Owerri (FUTO) and Executive MBA (Marketing) from the University of Lagos. Over the period of his career, he has attended several technical, leadership and business courses locally and internationally. He is a Certified Transformative Architecture Specialist (TAS), Certified Business Value Specialist (BVS) and Certified Business Value Practitioner (BVP). A member of the Institution of Engineering and Technology (IET) UK and Project Management Institute (PMI) USA, he was my undergraduate classmate in FUTO (Great FUTOite…the Greatest)..

Nnamdi Onyebuchi, a Tekedia Institute Faculty, will lead a session in Tekedia Mini-MBA on Execution – Business Objectives and Technologies. In the session, he would teach how firms and project leaders can lead and execute projects, with absolute commitment to quality. He goes back to the interface between strategic business objectives and technology, and why alignments are critical for successful execution.

The theme of our program – Innovation, Growth & Execution – includes execution. Yes, without execution, it is all talks. Mr. Onyebuchi who has won multiple Business Integrator of the Year Award for his company will teach us how to Execute and deliver value. Join him here


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