The Most Valuable Programming Languages to Have on Your Resume

The Most Valuable Programming Languages to Have on Your Resume

Whether you plan to work as a software engineer, or are focused more on the business side of things, several programming languages can make your resume stand out to hiring managers. Even if you plan to work in an area where coding is not required, you will find that having some proficiency can make routine tasks easier and allow you to handle information in a more efficient manner. Regardless of what your degree is in, you will be expected to have a solid understanding of office software, and, depending on your field, there may be industry-specific software you should familiarize yourself with as well.

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Python is a great first choice for new programmers. It is more forgiving than many other languages, and it is easier to make sense of than more complex languages. Python is a great language for any office worker to pick up, regardless of their duties. It allows you to automate many of the routine tasks of a job, freeing you up for other duties.

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SQL is a data management language. You use it to work in databases, so, if your job touches on those responsibilities, it makes sense to learn the language. Even if there is someone else who handles the database, having an understanding of what you can, and cannot do with SQL is valuable.

Follow Your Interests

Being proficient in python and SQL can be valuable for anyone in the business world. While many people think of coding as something left to programmers, having a solid understanding of how to write some code and how programming works transfers to other areas of your job. Understanding the basics of python, for example, will allow you to create models and answer questions in Excel. Knowing what type of information you can extract from a database in SQL allows you to ask better questions and create better solutions.

Of course, you should follow your interests as well. Programming is challenging, and if you are not interested, it will be difficult to stay motivated. One of the best ways to improve as a programmer is to create projects. While these projects may never reach any sort of market, they are valuable for helping you understand what you need to learn. Working in a language you are interested in and creating a project you find enjoyable will get you much further than following endless online tutorials. You will also find that once you have a solid grasp of one programming language, the others come more easily.

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