The New York City’s Blackout

The New York City’s Blackout

There is a new major “historic” day in New York City for many kids. It was the day light went off for five hours. Yes, on Saturday, some American kids experienced the true nature they have been taught in primary and secondary schools: light went off and they saw the wonders of stars. Think about it: “Ken, were you old enough on the day light was off for five hours? I knew where I was with mom and dad. That was surreal”.

Power was restored to the heart of New York City after a major outage Saturday impacted an estimated 72,000 customers, mostly in Manhattan’s midtown and Upper West Side.

Con Edison said it completed power restoration to all customers on the West Side of Manhattan shortly before midnight and the last of six electrical networks was back in service.

A preliminary investigation from Con Edison found that a relay system substation designed to detect electrical faults failed to isolate a faulted 13,000-volt distribution cable at West 64th Street and West End Avenue.

In Nigeria, some were born before Independence Day. Now, New York City kids have a special day to categorize their lives. You only do those things when the events are evidently rare to have meanings. Gov. Andrew Cuomo and Democratic presidential candidate Mayor Bill de Blasio would be expected to make sure that blackout will not repeat in their generation. Yes, someone’s political career is dimmed because the blackout crossed his name in the minds of New Yorkers!

People, watch the Jimmy Fallon’s monologue and the reaction when light returned: up NEPA in New York! But hold, it was just five hours. Now, go and put your fuel as the generator fuel is running low in Nigeria. See the contrast!

New York City leaders



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