The Nice Tanzanian Investment Playbook

The Nice Tanzanian Investment Playbook

She is a very brilliant woman. Since she took over as the President of Tanzania, after the death of her predecessor, Samia Suhulu has been inviting one by one African business leaders to her country. Her compatriots would have gone to China and other nations without remembering that people like Aliko Dangote have invested close to $800 million in Tanzania.

As they say in business, it is easier to sell more to an existing customer than a new one. And these business leaders are responding: more investment money to Tanzania.

“I congratulate her for the shift changes that she is doing here in Tanzania and also to assure her that we will continue to invest in Tanzania to help create jobs, wealth and prosperity for the people of Tanzania. I think she needs that support and we have reassured her that we will continue to establish here in Tanzania to support what she is doing…she can only do policies, it is not the job of government to create jobs. We will help her to invest and create jobs in Tanzania. We are looking at other areas, maybe fertilizer and other investment opportunities here in Tanzania but you can be rest assured that, with the discussion that we had with her, we will look for other opportunities to help her to make sure that this her vision and dream will come through.” Dangote

Madam President, extend those invitations to the funders of the Future. Yes, venture capitalists and angel investors within Africa. They will help your playbook. God bless Tanzania. God bless Nigeria. God bless Africa.  We already have all that we need here; let us look inwards.


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3 thoughts on “The Nice Tanzanian Investment Playbook

  1. Awopetu Emmanuel · Edit

    On looking inward, and selling more to the existing rather than searching for new players, I would like to take you to the IAS which you have a lead on, and is still hot here. Few days back, I was doing a study, and I stumbled on data that in the out-going quarter, BBK, a Chinese Smart Device Company, makers of Vivo; Oppo; and Oneplus, sold the highest number of mobile phone as a brand, far higher than Apple, Samsung and any other across the globe.

    The number of sale is not the catch, rather, the founder of the company, and how he got to achieving the feat. Daun Yongping, an electronics engineer, and the founder of this firm, is a man synonymous to anonymous, best put is a young smart generous man. Stating his generosity is no mistake as that is the reason the board of the firm company he managed as CEO sacked him, even against the will of the Chairman.

    He learnt early in business that who mattered lied inside and were the staff, and not necessary the customers, knowing that the customers would buy anything sold to them, for as long as the staff sells it well to them- this is the same practice the notable street-trade in home of Mt. Kilimanjaro teaches just as the IAS promises goodwill. So, for the President, I advise she comes visiting on how to strengthen her local practice while she picks up valuable addition from the IAS model were lagging and infuse into her economy so as to encourage goodwill amongst citizen, because the best growth method is inside-out, glocalization, rather than globalization. International think tanks should not be followed blindly, and valuable practices in the name of “informal” should not be thrown away- They hold value.

    Since SMEs have proven to be the unit of the economy and Dar es Salaam, Tanzanian largest capital and strength, powered heavily by that sector, it should hence not be overlooked in search of global misfit/ unfitting practices.

    Further, she should go hard in AfCFTA implementation, prioritizing selling her resource to her continental community rather than aiming for the mirage of the west. Zimbabwe been exploited off their cobalt, should be a lesson hammered in her thinking process that, except your God, every other love is tough, and many rarely care. With color being a factor in this time, this would be her leveraging on existing customers rather than seeking new ones.

    God bless her Administration, and my beloved people of Eastern Africa

  2. “Further, she should go hard in AfCFTA implementation, prioritizing selling her resource to her continental community rather than aiming for the mirage of the west. Zimbabwe been exploited off their cobalt, ..” With the above it looks that the President listened. And yes- I don’t care if it my work she listened to, what truly matters is that an African leader is listening.

    Just read on Bloomberg, that she is considering means to improve the contribution mining adds to the GDP, form 6.5 % to 10%, kicking off with a 25% stake in newly signed off Gold refinery, and with that, I expect that nation to become increasingly attractive for FDI, as they would be seen as a political state, foresighted nation who can manage limited resource.

    You’re indeed a fit for throne ma, God bless you as you seek more means to push the Nation and in turn Africa forward.


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