The Nigerian Minister of Defence’s “Cowards”

The Nigerian Minister of Defence’s “Cowards”

At 8am New York time today, BBC Radio syndicated hourly update dropped a hard one: General Bashir Salihi Magashi (rtd), Nigeria’s Minister of Defence, has told Nigerians to defend themselves against criminal elements in the country. He argued that most times those bad guys come with few rounds of ammunition and must not necessarily scare Nigerians.  I checked and just saw the video.

Largely, Nigerians should go and stockpile weapons for self-defense! Then, if that is the case why do we need Police, etc? I am hoping that this statement is a gaffe and not a strategic policy position in the nation. But if that is what they have in mind, Nigeria has a big challenge because it would be a rat race.

Yet, there is wisdom in this statement except that state governments will be funding local hunters now to make sure they have weapons to defend communities. It may be very ugly!

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The guy has basically given up on Nigeria’s security apparatus, so instead of selling more lies, he’s telling you that the government is actually incapacitated, when it comes to protecting and keeping you safe. It’s quite revealing, but it’s something we are already aware of, the only difference is that you don’t expect a public servant to say it.

I expect the government to issue series of press releases, claiming mischaracterization, misrepresentation and misunderstanding, which will help mitigate the blowbacks it would receive as a response for making this uninvited confession.

The problem is never about asking people to protect themselves, but with what calibre of weapons and who defines and coordinates rules of engagement? Some things are not as easy as they seem, before we turn the entire land into a jungle.

Maybe we should just declare a national public holiday, then ask all Nigerians to enter the forests, caves and waters, and chase away the criminals and terrorists killing our people.

Nigeria is failing, while Buhari is snoring; and the confidence in the nation state is waning.

Somebody needs to take charge, the only ambiguity now is who?


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