The Nigeria’s Electric Vehicles Vision

The Nigeria’s Electric Vehicles Vision

Our nation wants to join the electric vehicles (EV) crusade. Yes, Nigeria, working with Hyundai Kona, will assemble EV  in Lagos. The big news is this line: “The federal government says there is an ongoing plan to make 30% of vehicles being used in Nigeria electric by 2025”. Of course that will not work since Nigeria has to assemble electricity first. But as that debate rages, I want to share this video from a former military leader: Gowon wanted to make cars in Nigeria. 

I support President Buhari’s vision on EVs but I will support him more if he has a better plan on electricity! Nigeria’s problem now is not switching hydrocarbons for electrons to move vehicles. Our #1 issue is that we do not have electrons to power our industry. The national grid is my second backup in the East and with that, there is no excitement on EV yet.

But who knows: electricity can be commanded but now only for EVs! After all, it is Nigeria where flyovers are homes for many while some order London pizzas via British Airways.

Nigeria’s 2025’s 30% Electric Vehicle Target and the Challenge of the Ban Culture


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