The Path to Nigeria’s GDP of $3 Trillion by 2035

The Path to Nigeria’s GDP of $3 Trillion by 2035

It is very possible with the massive latent opportunities. And I want to put that in our minds as we close the 2020 chapter. Yes, Nigeria can grow to become a $3 trillion economy by 2035, from the sub-$500 billion of today. There are core critical pillars we need to pursue as a nation with dogged determination and fierce urgency of now.

The 3T2035 Plan can start in the new year. And if the National Identity Number (NIN) adoption works and we have a fair credit system by 2024, expect a massive growth in the national GDP. Then, add the largely informal assets which are out of the national balance sheets, you will see that wealth could be rural.

Nigerians can make it happen and change the course of this nation.

As your President, I will institutionalize great moments across homes and communities, uniting all of us to a shared vision of a great nation that is open, dynamic, prosperous and hopeful. From the lagoons of Lagos to the mangrove of Calabar, from the savanna of Yola through the plateau of Jos, to the beautiful forests of Abakiliki, men and women, boys and girls and indeed all citizens will experience unbounded optimistic future because we will serve.

I will usher a new dawn on nationalism to enable us achieve great success through societal energy. It will be based on substance, and fueled by visible economic roadmaps for all. The nationalism will bring our diasporas to return with money, investment ideas, global standards, networks and passion to build our nation. They will help develop a national pride and confidence, with skill and effectiveness, to harness our national power for national purpose, by using our cottage of intellectuals, artisans, professionals and patriots.



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One thought on “The Path to Nigeria’s GDP of $3 Trillion by 2035

  1. Once we codename any developmental agenda, it tends to flounder, and the reason is never far fetched.

    We are great at setting dates and making big pronouncements, but always disappointing when it comes preparing and assembling men and women that would get the job done.

    In terms of human capital development, we are several decades behind, yet we somewhat think that by changing laws or rewriting policies, Nigeria will roar. Not so fast, you first need a critical mass of people who understand the correct meaning of development and nation building, with that – you won’t waste precious time and energy putting out fires here and there.

    Greater part of the population are fantastically uninformed and too primitive in their thinking; we need to ensure that they receive the right education and information, from there you are certain that you have decent humans to carry forward any great undertaking. Why is change – no matter how brilliant or beneficial so difficult here? You need to reengineer minds, we haven’t done well there at all.

    We haven’t groomed enough capable humans here, and a knowledge economy is not run by morons.


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