The Politics in Hiring

The Politics in Hiring

2016 was a very tough year for me. I experienced the worst office politics. I had applied for a job through a reputable firm in Lagos.

Two weeks after my application, I got an invite for an interview. It was scheduled to hold in the afternoon – 1:00 pm.

I got there and passed both the aptitude test and oral interview. I was told that the board would get back to me after two weeks. That would be when they will make the final selection from the successful applicants.

Two weeks after, I was sent a congratulatory mail. I have been selected for the position of a teller at a popular bank. They had helped that reputable bank to recruit. The proposed monthly salary was eighty thousand naira. Based on what I heard, the actual monthly salary was – one hundred and twenty thousand naira, since I am being contracted, the company takes forty thousand naira every month from my salary. I had no idea how true was that though.

I packed my bags and moved to Lagos since I reside in Ibadan. On getting to the office on Monday, I tendered all the documents indicated in the mail.

To my surprise, the Hiring Manager told me to hold on as she was struggling to read some things on the computer screen before her. After waiting for thirty minutes, she asked some irrelevant questions from me.

Questions like:

  • ”Did you get this mail from us?”
  • ”When did you come for the interview?”
  • ”When did you get this  mail?”

She told me she couldn’t find my name amongst the successful applicants. I was told to go home and wait for some time. She would get back to me as she’s trying to figure out everything.

I waited for six weeks, I never heard anything from her or the company. So I decided to visit the office again and ask if there’s any progress. I was told by an insider that my position had been given to another applicant who was closer to the recruiter. The applicant didn’t even go through the interview session with us. She was referred by someone.

The only available position they have for me was in Port Harcourt. I walked out and never came back. It was the worst experience I ever had from a reputable recruiting firm like that.

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