The Possible Goodluck Jonathan’s 2023 APC Presidency in Nigeria!

The Possible Goodluck Jonathan’s 2023 APC Presidency in Nigeria!

It seems some politically sagacious northern states’ governors in Nigeria’s ruling party, APC, want former President Goodluck Jonathan to be APC  presidential flagbearer in 2023, if Jonathan agrees to decamp from PDP to APC. Lol. That is really unfair as Ndubuisi Ekekwe has not even tasted any water in Aso Rock, and they are focusing on making more presidents out of former presidents. Haba Nigeria….Obasanjo, Buhari…and Jonathan.

It does not sound really crazy if you look at the permutation: Jonathan can only serve a single term. Period. And if that is the case, he is the only Southern Nigeria politician that would make it possible for many governors from the north to have a chance in 2027. No wonder they are the ones pushing for Jonathan. You do not blame anyone strategizing: zoning power in Nigeria looks primitive except that there is nothing modern in Nigeria when it comes to our politics!

Politics – it is more than a maze: no permanent enemy, no permanent friend; just permanent interest. These governors are smart guys as it seems power is moving to the south in 2023; picking Ndubuisi will possibly keep their tussle well to 2031, instead of 2027, if Jonathan joins the fray!


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2 thoughts on “The Possible Goodluck Jonathan’s 2023 APC Presidency in Nigeria!

  1. Maybe we will do the unthinkable, shock the entire universe, just by electing a president outside the two confused and atrocious political parties. It’s not impossible, it’s absolutely within the realms of reality.

    First, we can create the narrative and demarket them, nothing they have in their kitty you cannot turn on its head; they are not intelligent enough to win the game of narratives or propaganda.

    The second thing is funding, any chosen new political party needs truckloads of money, politics is money, and money is politics; you cannot play well without spending, no matter how supremely brilliant your ideas are. The funding won’t be a challenge if we are serious, you can raise N10 billion in one month, if all those who are ashamed and angry with the sorry state of Nigeria agree to drop N5k, N10k or N20k respectively.

    By the time you mobilise enough foot soldiers, while supplying them with food and allowances, no idiot can rig election in their presence; you won’t live to tell the story…

    We can retire all the funny creatures in 2023, you just need high dose of intellectual capital and street ruggedness; when they see that you are fully prepared all round, nobody needs to tell them that the game is up!


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