The Message from the State Capital

The Message from the State Capital

A state executive leadership communicated today that it has approved our proposal: providing management capabilities to artisans in a south eastern state in Nigeria. Yes, they have done well – trained the youth on farming, carpentry, bricklaying, tailoring, trading and even coding. But most would likely remain sole proprietors unless we make them entrepreneurs. That distinction is vital for the nation and the state.

By January, we will begin the process of turning artisans to become entrepreneurs; His Excellency will kickoff the event.

The crystallization on why Nigeria needs to grow entrepreneurs, fiercely, even as we empower sole proprietors in farming, shoe making, etc must be evident for that economic growth to emerge. Tekedia Institute will play our role.

We welcome channel partners across Africa to “discover and make scholars, noble, bright and useful” in markets and governments.

To execute that playbook, we will be exploring strategic partnerships with universities, polytechnics, alumni associations, newspapers, governments, consulting firms, companies and individuals.

We have divided our markets into 4 domains:

  • Consumers & Individuals: Co-training citizens
  • Public sector & governments: deliver training and educational programs to government workers, government programs and government institutions.
  • Schools: Working with universities and other post-secondary institutions to embed our products as non-credit programs in their missions.
  • Companies: Facilitate and co-train innovators and project champions in companies.

Geographically, we have three core markets: Nigeria, Africa and Global.

We welcome partners across the globe and are looking for institutions which can help us meet and exceed our targets. Contact us.


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